P90X – end of 4th week

Alright, so today we are taking pictures of our transformations so far. It has been a total of 30 days since we have started the workout plan, and lets just say, I never thought I could get this ripped. All my life my legs have always been on the big side and no matter how much I tried to tone them down, it just never happened. Now, just after 30 days of this, I’m not ashamed to wear shorts anymore. I will not be measuring myself again to see how many inches I have lost, I want to wait until the very end to do that. Overall, I know I have lost weight and inches, so I’m satisfied and will definitely continue. This week’s exercises were a little tough. It mixed cardio with core muscles, and it was like every muscle was doing something all at once. Next week is the same workout that we started at the beginning, I am just hoping I will be able to do it better than when I first started out!


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